Road/Kill Ultimate Car Combat 

Road/Kill is a careful balance of flow and detail, a universal vehicle combat system with optional layers. 

For quick and easy games we begin with the core rules.  For our first stretch goal, we add the combined strategies possible with Driver rules. For more powerful and flavorful vehicle options we offer Faction rules deeper in our stretch goals. Finally, if you really want to make the Road/Kill experience an epic adventure, we offer a stretch goal for Campaign rules. These will allow you to create a narrative in which car and driver grow more powerful between scenarios, and includes our first adventure Module, Ambush at Outpost 43, with new tiles to play on.  It’s entirely up to you how far down the rabbit hole we will go!


A duel in the wastelands

Road/Kill lets you play where you like. While the core rules introduce highway battle-zone scenarios and the tiles to play them, Road/Kill is more than just highway combat.  The core rules are designed to handle all sorts of battle-zones and scenarios.  Feel free to play on any map or terrain you might already have on hand!


Our Secret Sauce

Road/Kill offers two unique game systems you’re not going to see anywhere else!  First, players can quickly plot their commands in secret from one another using our exclusive Command Box.  Our second innovation is the movement template, a six inch clear grid marked with all possible maneuvers to help you reposition your vehicle quickly and accurately on any playing surface.  You don’t need a hex or gridded table when you have the movement template!


Command Boxes and Movement Template

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